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2/28-3/04: Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas

Never again will I pay money to sit on a ship and be dumped in touristy spot after touristy spot. Although cruises cater to a very specific demographic (myself included), I’ve come to realize that cruising just isn’t for me. It defies the very purpose of travel, which is to experience a new culture, to try unusual things, and to get out of that comfort zone. I embarked on my very first cruise at the end of February: a 4-night voyage to Key West, Fla.; Nassau, Bahamas; and Coco Kay (a stop that was unfortunately canceled due to the weather). I can imagine cruising is ideal for those who wish to take a  more laissez-faire approach to travel, but the bombardment by Burger King, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, AND Señor Frogs at the Port of Nassau was pretty appalling! A steady flow of visitors is crucial to dependent local economies, so I certainly wouldn’t recommend not sailing. Rather, the next time you cruise, make an effort to get off the beaten path and get out of that godforsaken Burger King queue. Do business with the locals. Go on, try those conch fritters.

Key West, Fla.

Bahamas cruise Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas

Hemingway House Key West

Hemingway Pissed Here Key West Florida

Hemingway House Key West Florida Hemingway House Key West Florida

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau Bahamas cruise

Nassau Bahamas cruise

Nassau Bahamas graffiti

Nassau Bahamas cruise Nassau Bahamas cruise



The Netherlands, July 22 – August 1, 2010

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Scattered in the slideshow above and in no particular order:

Outside the Rijksmuseum, Vondelpark, Samadhi Dance Company, Rembrandthuis, The Red Light District, Zomercarnaval in Rotterdam, Dum Dum at Tivoli in Utrecht, Bazar (a restaurant), NEMO Science Museum, Dom Square, Amsterdam Tulip Museum, Delft Pottery, Skatepark Amsterdam, a Soviet submarine on the IJ, random graffiti, Domkerk in Utrecht, Heineken Experience, Albert Cuypstraat, the Dutch Homeless Cup, and others…


DC, I Love You: June 17-23, 2010

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To celebrate my graduation, and perhaps to escape Florida’s humidity, my mum and I traveled together to Washington, DC. It was my first visit to our nation’s capitol, and in a way I was glad that I hadn’t visited sooner. I feel as though being just a decade older made all the difference in my appreciation of the U. S. legacy and our roles and responsibilities in global society. Sharing the sidewalk with Congresswomen and men, overhearing interns schedule exclusive events by phone, and even dining with noteworthy journalists at the National Press Club’s top-floor restaurant, The Reliable Source, at once invigorated and humbled me.

One of my favorite aspects of the trip (other than the Newseum, because that’s a given) was trying Ethiopian food for the first time. Some claim that Zed’s in Georgetown was the first authentic Ethiopian restaurant to open in the area, and I imagine its success might help explain the multitude of other, newer Ethiopian places in the neighborhood. It was purely luck that we found it. Each plate is served with several rolls of spongy sourdough-like bread. My barely spicy chicken dish resembled curry and, after I realized that no utensils would be offered, our forgiving server offered us a crash course in finger food dining. It. Was. Phenomenal.