“FLYP is a dynamic online, multimedia magazine that combines text, video, audio, animation and interactivity into a new kind of storytelling. From politics and science to art, film, music and more, FLYP provides a bi-weekly look at the fast changing reality of America.”

— What is FLYP?


Free subscription, RSS feeds, Podcasts (two so far, but I look forward to hear more soon). Modern layout and extremely fun to use. Easy to navigate with interactive features. If you have some time to kill and a pair of headphones, check out their adorably-animated Place That Tune! game.

FLYP’s stories have all the bells and whistles we’d expect to see from a convergent newsroom: embedded video, flash animation, and audio. Users can click within the “page” to hear sources go into detail, watch related video, and, depending on the story, interact with animation to find more details. FLYP gives subscribers the option to comment on a story (but, can I really call it that? Maybe ‘collection’ would be more apt?). Additionally, users can check out the associated YouTube channel for all videos, albeit without the much-enjoyed related content.

Possibly the best example of FLYP’s diverse media content can be found in this issue’s “Menu with Meaning,” a story about a Chicago-based chef who uses unconventional means of food preparation to save energy and resources, plus make a statement. In addition to a video interview embedded with the written story, we are presented with five separate videos explaining the process behind an innovative dish (one of which includes a Cuban sandwich that resembles a cigar), and additional photos of unique meals – including his edible menu.

With this being said, FLYP seems to lack a cohesive theme. Traditional magazines have focused on a single topic, from consumer technology to European hairstyles. FLYP promises it is “more than a magazine,” but what is its target market? Is there one? Does FLYP even need one? An article posted today at Poynter Online examines task management and the business model at FLYP, and it seems as though established organizations and newcomers alike might benefit from taking a look.


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