La Cite

Im sitting here at La Cité across from Parc Montsouris. It is so good to be connected to the world again, but I must be brief as there are other students who want a go at the lab. The keyboqrd is difficult to learn qs its not QWERTY so its very different from ny keyboqrd qt home. The flight from Orlando was pleasant because I chatted with a furniture designer from Copenhagen, and I got my first chance to use French with a native on the long flight to Paris. There were some long, awkward pauses as I tried to think of more to say than <je suis étudiante àméricanne de français> but she was very kind as I looked to the ceiling of our avion for inspiration.

Yesterday, I experienced la vie quotidienne with my travelmates. For lunch we sipped on some mineral water at a cafe while watching the world pass us by in the residential Montparnasse. Lots of V-neck tees with slim, dark pants and scarves. All of the chairs face the street as it’s best for people-watching. Then, we headed to Jardin Luxembourg where hundreds of French families had spraweld a picnic on the grass to enjoy their lunch hour. Some children were sailing toy boats in the fountain.

That evening, we went to a local boucherie to make sandwiches. The butcher was kind enough to offer to make the sandwich for us, if we wanted to buy a baguette from next door (which, of course, we did). To complete the meal we got some cheap but good white wine, strawberries and cheese from a small supermarket. Then, we enjoyed what might be the cheapest and freshest meal we will have in France near the Eiffel Tower…

More later!


1 Response to “La Cite”

  1. 1 Dad
    June 1, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    I’m so glad you are having fun. I’m surprised you also had a little wine. When in France……. I hope that someday I will see what you are seeing now. Love you.

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